Today is January 11, National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, and we're kicking off a campaign to STOP trafficking, which means we need YOU, our all-star activist, to lead the charge!

SPREAD THE WORD: 7 facts for 7 days

Starting TODAY, we'll be posting a new shocking fact each day throughout the week. Will you help us rally your fellow activist communities on Facebook,Twitter and Pinterest to #STOPTrafficking?

It's easy, just follow us and share each shocking fact we post this week!


Start Here

Day 1: How many victims?

Share this today! Think slavery is a thing of the past?

Day 2: Who are they?

Share on Sunday: Who are they?

Day 3: Where is it?

Share on Monday: Where does human trafficking take place?

Day 4: It's not a movie...

Share on Tuesday: Trafficking in the real world...

Day 5: How much $$$?

Share on Wednesday: How much money do they make?

Day 6: Any convictions?

Share on Thursday: How many convictions?

Day 7: The #1 WHAT?!

Share on Friday: The superbowl is the #1 WHAT?!


Coming soon: Petition to STOP Trafficking during the Superbowl

Thank you for your dedication to ending violence against women,