What is #GivingTuesday?
#GivingTuesday is a global day for giving back! It takes place on the first Tuesday following Thanksgiving—December 1st.

Last year, 20,000+ organizations and companies in 68 countries participated and raised more than $45 million for social good.

What is Soroptimist doing this year?
A group of extraordinarily generous Soroptimists wanted to help make a bigger impact for women and girls this year and have provided a challenge. They will match ALL contributions made on #GivingTuesday up to a total of $6,000. Your gift made on December 1st will have twice the impact for women and girls served by our federation’s life-changing programs.

How can you get involved?

  • On Facebook and Twitter, let us know you are planning to give.
  • Forward this email to friends and encourage them to support Soroptimist on #GivingTuesday this year.
  • Will your company match your #GivingTuesday donation? Click here to find out!

L to R: Liz P; president: Barbara D; and Doranna C accepting a $1500 donation from Enterprise Holdings Foundation for our ‘A Awards’! Thanks Teresa for thinking of us!

Daisy Yu was born and raised in Beijing, China. She grew up during a time when the Cultural Revolution was taking place and most of the country was poor.

Born with a disability, and suffering the effects of a breech birth, she spent most of her early life in and out of the hospital, enduring many operations. Complications from these procedures, along with overdoses of anesthesia, made life very difficult, as she struggled to learn and comprehend basic concepts. For many years, these injuries made her an easy target for bullies who believed it

was their right to punish someone just because they were different. Both children and adults took part in this, and the torture was unrelenting.

It was a very sad and unhappy time, but as fortune would have it, Daisy found a set of books that changed her thinking. For the first time, she was inspired after reading those words. She learned a simple message. Everyone has issues and differences. What sets us apart is how we deal with them.

With a new zest for life, Daisy was able to change her mind set from a lonely little girl with no hope, into an intelligent, self-confident young woman who not only wanted to succeed, but yearned to excel in everything she set her mind to.

She now nurtured a dream of making a better life by coming to America. After many years of hard work and adopting the spirit of “NEVER GIVE UP”, she was able to come to the United States and make that dream a reality. Upon arriving, she enrolled in college to enhance her knowledge. Her language skills were not very good, and it took hours of extra time just to complete simple homework assignments. But she was driven to succeed and graduated with an honor degree. After a few years, she started her own business and ran it successfully for a number of years.

After 22 years in the United States, it was time to fulfill another dream. It was time to write a book. But it wasn’t going to be a normal book. Daisy had a burning desire to help others who were experiencing similar situations she had experienced while growing up. The book had to detail all these hardships so others could take inspiration from her story and draw strength from it. After completing the book, she decided she could help even more by using public speaking as a powerful tool to reach her audience. Today, she continues to share that message by showing others there is always a path to success and well-being.

Daisy now resides in Plano, Texas with her husband, David and her parents. She is proud member of Toastmasters, Womens Speakers Associtation and the National Speakers Association.

A successful garage sale at our house this month.  We raised over $1000 for our programs and a great time was had by all!