At our most recent program meeting on November 21, we had Peg Meyer come and talk to us about Mayan Families in Guatemala. Again, it’s all about empowering the women in these impoverished countries, teaching them a skill that will help put food on their tables, educating their children and more. It’s truly incredible the organizations in our country that reach out to help women and their families. Of course, we all enjoyed Christmas shopping all the handmade jewelry! This note from our speaker:

We have just had an opportunity come up where we can share a full container of meal packs I talked about. That’s 20,000 lbs of food! The economies of scale of shipping such a large quantity would make our per meal cost much less expensive. That means more food for more children and families in need, as well as more funds for other projects, like vocational education programs and micro credit loans. We are partnering with a trusted charity that ships large quantities routinely, so they will handle all the customs issues (thank God!). Your members are helping to make this possible and I am very grateful for the support. Your webmaster had also asked for my website and it’s

I’m really impressed with the great things your club is doing to empower women. It’s very inspiring and I wish you all the best.

Happy Thanksgiving!