Two of our Girl of the Year Scholarship recipients of $1000 each!
2017’s last girl of the month recipients, congrats.

All A Awards was presented on Sunday, May 21 at 2 pm at the SGPHS Auditorium to standing room only!  We recognized 19 out of 21 seniors who had All A’s since kindergarten, impressive!

Kudos to you and the others for another great event. The kids looked like they were really enjoying the recognition. 

Here’s the link to the All A Awards photos:

Congratulations to our February Girls of the Month:

  • Mattilyn Dozier—Adams Middle School
  • Tiarra Payne—Dubiski Career High School
  • Priscilla Concepcion—Crosswinds High School
  • Marlene Flores—Fannin Middle School
  • Linda Mai—GPCI (8th grade)
  • Zuri Humphrey—GPFAA (8th grade)
  • Rosa Burciaga—GPFAA (12th grade)
  • Genesis Maldonado—Grand Prairie High School
  • Amy Rodriguez—Hope Academy (8th grade)
  • Jadyn Momixay—Jackson MS
  • Katelynn Wood—Reagan MS
  • Jonebennet Rivera—SGP
  • Brandy Nwora—Truman MS

Photo coming soon.