he new officers for the 2014-15 school year have been installed.

Information from Soroptimist International regarding child trafficking:

In a week, “the biggest single-event sporting competition in the world” will commence: The FIFA World Cup. Half a million people are anticipated to attend the 2014 World Cup, which will be held in Brazil.

Do you recall our #STOPTrafficking Awareness Week before the Superbowl in January? Here’s a refresher: along with spectators, large sporting events see an influx of sex trafficking victims.

TAKE ACTION: STOP Trafficking during FIFA!

We’ve created a resource and letter for nearly 200 hotels in the 12 Brazilian host cities to help hotel employees recognize the signs of trafficking and encourage them to contact the authorities if they suspect trafficking.

GOAL: 3,000 signatures in 7 days - SIGN HERE!

With the World Cup just about a week away, we are seeking to get as many signatures of support as possible within the next 7 days. Please sign your name now, and share this action with others so they may help put a stop to this atrocious crime against women and girls.

Thank you for taking action!

Today is January 11, National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, and we're kicking off a campaign to STOP trafficking, which means we need YOU, our all-star activist, to lead the charge!

SPREAD THE WORD: 7 facts for 7 days

Starting TODAY, we'll be posting a new shocking fact each day throughout the week. Will you help us rally your fellow activist communities on Facebook,Twitter and Pinterest to #STOPTrafficking?

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Day 1: How many victims?

Share this today! Think slavery is a thing of the past?

Day 2: Who are they?

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Day 3: Where is it?

Share on Monday: Where does human trafficking take place?

Day 4: It's not a movie...

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Day 5: How much $$$?

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Day 6: Any convictions?

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Day 7: The #1 WHAT?!

Share on Friday: The superbowl is the #1 WHAT?!


Coming soon: Petition to STOP Trafficking during the Superbowl

Thank you for your dedication to ending violence against women,