Attached is a picture of our lovely speaker from today's meeting, Sadhana Thapa.  Sadhana presented a fascinating program about the challenges and successes of women in her native country of Nepal.  Sadhana is currently a student at UTA, working on a bachelor degree in Social Works.  Already in her young life, she has accomplished impressive feats, made even more impressive when you consider the obstacles women face in Nepal.  She has been particularly involved in environmental projects, raising awareness for women's rights in South-Asian countries, volunteer health initiatives, and improving education in Nepal, to name a few of her areas of concern.  

She has high goals to complete her education here and then work here for a few years, before returning to Nepal to work on changing laws and policies, along with the more grassroots projects that she has started and continues to work with.  Hopefully, we'll be able to help her by buying hand-made jewelry and textile items (made by women trying to improve their economic and self-reliance situations in Nepal) which she may bring back on her next trip to Nepal in January.

We had a fantastic Soroptimist meeting on September 26th with an inspiring and informative program about the non-profit organization, amani ya Juu, which helps women entrepreneurs in Rwanda, Liberia and Kenya.  We were able to admire and buy some beautiful creations of these women, including a wide selection of jewelry plus bags, towels, and clothing items.  Our speaker sent us the following e-mail after today's program:

"Thank you so much for inviting me to speak, the lovely lunch, and helping me to set up/take down!  It was such a pleasure to spend time with Soroptimist today! It is such a blessing to be in the presence of women who are so committed to issues affecting women in their community and all over the world. Your group was an excellent audience!"

Emily has also provided a list of socially responsible/fair trade organizations for your shopping pleasure.  Emily's organization is the first one listed.  They should have Christmas items available soon. Please take time to browse these websites and consider supporting them with your shopping dollars.  As we learned today, a small investment on our part can change many lives, providing these women with new-found self-esteem, educational opportunities, means to provide for their families, self-reliance and power within their small communities.

More details also about Socially Responsible Organizations. -
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Our recipient of our Stella Rohde Scholarship and Girl of the Year from Dubiski, Benita Ozoude, recently attended one of our business meetings to thank us for her scholarships. Benita will be attending the University of Texas in Austin, hoping to pursue a degree in pharmacology.