Past Presidents

Stella Rohde 1951-52
Ruby Miller 1952-53
Romie Stewart 1953-54
Verna Waddell 1954-55
Emmadean Berry 1955-56
Gracy Swadley 1956-57
Marguerite Rogers Malcolm 1957-58
Bobbie Lumpkin 1958-59
Helen Fisher 1959-60
Nita Upmeyer 1960-61
Polly Allen 1961-62
Thelma Dickey 1962-63
Irene Paxton 1963-64
Imogene George 1964-65
Sue Brown 1965-66
Maxine Susong 1966-67
Tina Mae Baker 1967-68
Marie Baker 1968-69
Jo Campbell (2 yrs.) 1969-71
Charlene Johnson 1971-72
Jo Cason (2yrs.) 1972-74
Verna Waddell 1974-75
Mary Mindrup (2 yrs.) 1975-77
Lucille Barton 1977-78
Elsie Callaway (2yrs) 1978-80
Martha Pengelly (2yrs) 1980-82
Lou Langford (2yrs) 1982-84
Sallye Moore (2yrs) 1984-86
Angela Giessner (2yrs) 1986-88
Ann Burton 1988-89
Mary McCoy (2yrs) 1989-91
Vivian Moore 1991-92
Norma Storm (2yrs) 1992-94
Doris Ford 1994-95
Ruthe Jackson 1995-96
Elizabeth (Lowe)Odkins 1996-97
Pat Gouldy (2yrs) 1997-99
Gay Burch 1999-00
Jana (Amil) Barker 2000-01
Kathy Ritterhouse 2001-02
Angela Giessner (2yrs) 2002-04
Donna Koepke 2004-05
Susan Henson 2005-06
Doranna Corley (2yrs) 2006-08
Doris Ford 2008-09
Elizabeth (Lowe, Odkins) Paynes 2009-10
Susan Henson 2010-11

Doranna Corley 2014-2015
Barbara Dixon 2015-2017

Who are We?

Chartered June 9, 1951

Polly Allen *
Marie Baker *
Tinie Mae Baker *
Grayce Barton *
Emmadean Berry *
Maxine Bodine *
Harriet Corbitt *
Nadine Driver *
Helen Fisher *
Jaimie Grimland *
Virginia Hapeman
Thelma Jarvis *
Glenna Lowe *
Ruby Miller *
Kathleen Bean Moore
Nancy Powers
Stella Rohde *
Ruth Stafford *
Neva Shanks *
Romie Stewart *
Grace Swadley *
Fern Thompson
Verna Waddell *

Club Officers

Installation of new officers took place on May 25, 2017 for the upcoming 2017-18 academic year:

President: Donna Koepke

Vice President:  Shebra Hackett

Recording SecretaryDawn Inocencio

Corresponding Secretary: Dandreon Gray

TreasurerPat Gouldy

Director (1 year):  Liz Paynes

Director (2 years)Amber Socall

Delegate (1 year): Tammy Chan

Delegate (2 years): Barbara Dixon

Alternate Delegate: Karen Wiegman

Alternate Delegate:  Doranna Corley

Contact our Club

If you have any questions about the Soroptimist International of Grand Prairie, please email us at



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